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the cover screams Suicide Squad..

But this is so much more entertaining!

Directed by: Jesse Gustafson

Starring: Cam Gigandet, Terri Reeves, Benjamin Charles Watson, John Brodsky, Casey Hendershot, Dion Mucciatto, Michael Dale

On his way home to see his young daughter for the first time in two years, Special Ops agent Jake stops by a bar for a drink and ends up in a bar fight which leaves the antagonist dead. He wakes up in what turns out to be a Black Site prison - no one will ever know that he or his fellow inmates are incarcerated.

Shortly afterwards the site is attacked by a large team of mercenaries led by Colonel Irving, who is intent on obtaining a secret held in one of the site's secure buildings. Managing to get free, Jake and his fellow inmates must decide whether to try to escape, or stop Irving and his men...


The poster and trailer for Black Site Delta make it clear that it's been marketed as a kind of DTV Suicide Squad. I'm here to tell you that its much more successful than the big screen supercrappyhero movie.

Let's get the less than good out of the way - I just wish there were better cgi/practical fx when it comes to the numerous kill shots in the film. It also should be noted that even though Irving's mercenary army is made of Army Rangers, Navy SEALS etc, they have little to no tactics and seem compelled to walk straight into gunfire.

Everything else works incredibly well.

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Where this scores over its multi-million dollar counterpart is in allowing the characters to stay true to their nature. Whereas the Suicide Squad was all but declawed, these guys...well obviously the main protagonists are true to their more moral nature but all the others either have to battle their own demons or revert to their baser selves, which makes the outcome all the more unpredictable.

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The Verdict:

There is an obvious comparison between Black Site Delta and Suicide Squad - a team of anarchic antagonists forced to work together for a Greater Good. However, that is where the parallels end, as Black Site Delta succeeds in providing better thrills and filmatism and is just so much more satisfying and entertaining to watch.

8 out of 10 (MikeOutWest)

NB: This films is currently available on NETFLIX UK