After Dark Presents 8 Films to Die For

After Dark Films has resurrected its range of horror films under the banner 8 Films to Die For. In the past, the films released have been a bit of a mixed bunch - some really good, some pretty bland.

This year After Dark have so far released details of the first four films and there is definitely reason to get excited, as first up is the long awaited RE-KILL, a zombie apocalypse film co-starring Scott Adkins. 

I and many others have been looking forward to seeing this for quite a while, not least because of Adkins' involvement. It has a good looking scope and a decent gore quotient, too!

Second up is Murder in the Dark, a survival horror in which back-packers staying in a rural Turkish town fall foul to a mysterious killer. The official blurb for this states that it's produced in an experimental shooting style, but this is actually the best-looking film of the quartet.

Next is The wicked Within, a tale of possession and a child tragedy. This is  a well-trodden path, but the film's script seems aware of the conventions of the genre and seem to be playing around with them.

And, finally, there is Lumberjack Man, a dark comedy which I really hope lives up to its trailer. This has an almost obscenely large bodycount and boasts Michael Madsen amongst its cast...

There are still four films to be announced to round out this year's series. Stay tuned for further news soon!