Intriguing New Documentary project on Indie-GoGo

Film-makers Drew Cullingham (The Devil's Bargain) and Andrew Mackay are on a mission to make a documentaty about a mysterious island community off the coast of England, known only as Haven. Here's their press release:

"Filmmakers Drew Cullingham and Andrew Mackay have launched a campaign on Indiegogo (look at their campaign here) to raise funds for a documentary investigating the pleasantly named island of Haven which apparently lies some distance off the coast of the UK. 

They don't seem at all sure what they will find there, but the mystery that shrouds this little enclave of 'tax exempt' pensioners (how very topical!) has the two filmmakers already at odds as to what they will find there. 'I'm hoping,' says Andrew, 'we will find a congenial community that will welcome us and be party to our investigative journey into the workings of a small community far removed from the mainland. This island is an unknown quantity and, at the very least, we hope to put Haven on the map.' 

'I'm thinking Summerisle,' says Drew. 'Monsters. Cults. Don't care. There's no way that such a place isn't harbouring some kind of dark secret, and I can't wait to uncover it, whatever the risk.'

Haven is purported in the 16th century to have been home to a sizeable community of particularly violent pirates, and the site of an alleged massacre of an order of Franciscan monks.

Andrew's filmmaking experience stems from the acclaimed documentary about the making of 'Mutant Chronicles' (Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, John Malkovich). Drew is currently in post-production on 'Shed of the Dead' (Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, Bill Moseley and Emily Booth).  The two first worked together on 'The Devil's Bargain' ('Trippy' – Kim Newman, 'Disturbing and Manic' – Britflicks).

You can follow the progress of the campaign on Facebook (, Twitter (@haventhefilm) and Instagram (haventhefim).