Oh Dear. If there was ever a film which really did not need a sequel, it's The Blair Witch Project. Those short memory will have already forgotten that it in fact already had a sequel of sorts, BOOK OF SHADOWS, a film set in "the real world" with characters who had seen the original film and had travelled to find the locations it was shot in. I

The original film, although flawed, had a powerful finale. The final shot of the film, with Joshua Leonard stood in the corner - if you'd been paying attention earlier in the film, it was a real gut punch ending. Any attempt to further the story, in my mind, will drain that ending of its power.

So of course there's a new sequel...


This sequel deals with the younger brother of Heather Donahue, who might still be alive according to a shaky video clip uploaded on the internet. He sets off with four friends (making the archetypal five protagonists in a horror film!) and...shenanigans ensue!

The one thing going for the film at this stage is that its directed by horror auteur ADAM WINGARD (You're Next, The Guest), and if anyone can make this watchable, it would be him! The film is released in September, check out the trailer below: