Low Budget Film MANHUNT Coming Soon

Franklin Correa is a guy I met through Facebook. An independent film-maker, Franklin has been working on his feature MANHUNT: working as director, editor, actor and other production roles. Here's Franklin's synopsis:

"Receiving the call that he's been waiting for for job training people for FBI it was a dream come true for martial artist & survivalist Conroy Jenkins along with this FBI analyst girlfriend Stacy Adams, until their world becomes turned upside down When Stacy is abducted my maniacal Man by the name of Santos. Now Conroy must agree to Santos's terms and play his game of cat-and-mouse seeing if he can survive the day from being hunted down by Killers hired by Santos. Conroy must use all his skills and techniques to take on the sadistic people and save the love of his life and finishing the game."

Let's make no mistake: this is a low budget film so don't expect big budget polish. However, compared to other films of similar budget I'm liking the flare and style I'm seeing here - the sound fx and music being used, for example. We're going to be keeping a close eye on this as it heads off to film festivals.