Just arriving today is this awesome short film, HEADHACKER. This 4 minute short stars Mike Carr as a scientist who has invented a mind-control device which is coveted by some unseemly people. Mike is a rather unlikely a scientist  but the film doesn't allow you to dwell on this too much as the action kicks in pretty quickly. 

The choreography in the house section is a good, solid close-quarters scrap, however the second half is something else entirely, and I must say kudos to all involved, especially master-of-all trades Glen Harris,  in executing such a long, unedited and awesomely co-ordinated shot.

The Summoners

Directed by Christian Ackerman, The Summoners is a film about three teenage girls who raise the spirit of a child molester for the thrill of being possessed. This short film has a great atmosphere thanks to its eerie setting and the three girls do a great job of acting possessed. It also provides a new, interesting angle on the theme of possession, that these jaded teens would want to dabble in something so obviously dangerous!  This is pretty short, only 5 minutes long, so please check it out...

the summoners

CLICK HERE to view the film.

Kosmos Web Series

Directed by Si Horrocks (Third Contact), Kosmos is a web series delving into very thought-provoking sci-fi.  From IMDB: 

"It is the near future and research scientist Philip Hoyt's wife is dying, quietly. As she lies in a deep coma, Philip battles to save her life when everyone else is ready to let her go. Using a newly developed technology, he steps across an electronic bridge into her unconscious; into her dreams and memories, probing buried 'psi-complexes' to discover the mystery of her illness, and her families reluctance to help. Yet, through the veil of this mystery, he catches a faint glimmer of life. He holds on for the sake of love, unable to turn away from that distant star we call hope."



Kosmos web series

Access to the series is through its website. You need to register, but it is free to do so. There are currently four episodes available to view, with each subsequent episode released when enough people have watched the current episode.

The Gunfighter

Directed by Eric Kissack, The Gunfighter is a very funny film. A lone gunfighter enters a saloon filled with people who may want to kill him - however everyone in the saloon can here the narrator who seems to be a lot more bloodthirsty than the characters. This is a lot of fun, well acted and made with a lot of technical skill.