Kosmos Web Series

Directed by Si Horrocks (Third Contact), Kosmos is a web series delving into very thought-provoking sci-fi.  From IMDB: 

"It is the near future and research scientist Philip Hoyt's wife is dying, quietly. As she lies in a deep coma, Philip battles to save her life when everyone else is ready to let her go. Using a newly developed technology, he steps across an electronic bridge into her unconscious; into her dreams and memories, probing buried 'psi-complexes' to discover the mystery of her illness, and her families reluctance to help. Yet, through the veil of this mystery, he catches a faint glimmer of life. He holds on for the sake of love, unable to turn away from that distant star we call hope."



Kosmos web series

Access to the series is through its website. You need to register, but it is free to do so. There are currently four episodes available to view, with each subsequent episode released when enough people have watched the current episode.